Guitar Repair Birmingham AL.

Guitarfx near Birmingham, Al. is a full service guitar repair and instrument repair provider that specializes in String Instrument repair, Drum and Percussion repair, Amplifier and electronic instrument repair. We offer guitar restringing for $10 plus the cost of strings. Professional guitar setups beginning at $40.00, includes fretboard cleaning and oiling, fret polishing, truss adjustment, intonation setting, and general guitar cleaning Floyd Rose tremolo guitar setups $65.00 Extensive guitar structural repairs, including broken headstocks, ect.


Guitar Repair Birmingham AL.

Guitarfx near Birmingham, AL. offers guitar repair & instrument appraisals for insurance purposes that includes extensive research, written description with estimated value, and digital photographs on a flash drive that is also included. This is a very important tool that can be used in case of damage from in-climate weather or in cases of theft.

Appraisal cost is $50.00

Consignments: Guitarfx consigns all music related gear with great success, we charge 30% on items under $500.00 and 25% on items thereafter, we also offer affordable options to place your gear on our eBay Store.

It has recently come to our attention that several of our customers were unaware that we offer amp repair and maintenance. The fact is, we have always offered this service. Our technicians have years of experience. Our services include everything from simple tube swaps and bias changes, to complete amp repair and restoration. Whatever you need done, we can handle it.

Amp Repair Birmingham AL

Guitar Fx is fully insured and takes great pride and care in the handling of your musical instrument.

For Electronic repairs there is a $60.00 bench fee which is required to cover our technician’s time in determining what has actually malfunctioned with your gear. He will call you with a total for your repair to get your approval prior to moving forward. The bench fee goes towards your repair if and when you determine to have your gear repaired, if you decide not to have your gear repaired the cost is still $60.00.

We carry an extensive inventory of new and used parts to help insure your equipment is back to you in a reasonable amount of time.